I photograph people, products and businesses.


In todays image driven marketplace it’s so hard to keep up with the need for images. Images are fast replacing words as our primary form of communication, you need to direct the narrative and tell the story of your business brand. Between websites, social media and marketing the need is endless. I can help. My goal is to produce amazing images for you and your business.


So many of us do not have images of ourselves that we are proud of.                 We deserve to feel proud of who we are. You should capture who you are right now. Ask yourself how you want to be remembered? Portraiture can tell your story, capture a moment in time or be complete fantasy. The choice is yours, allow me to capture your “Wild Beauty”

My editing philosophy

I create beautiful images in camera but I also spend a great deal of time refining them. Some images are obviously edited and some the untrained eye will never notice. Every photo is edited to intentional draw your eye to the “Star” or the “Hero”.

Call me to chat, I would love to hear what type of session you are looking to create and how I can help you. 719.459.1457

Patty Miller Fine Art Photographer at Wild Beauty Photo in Colorado Springs

Meet Your Photographer Patty

As a photographer, portraiture feeds my soul and makes my heart sing. Showing someone their beauty is a life changing experience. Seeing how my work impacts my clients just never gets old.

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