Boudoir Portrait Prep

1 Week Away

Totally optional, but if you are planning on waxing, getting a facial, tanning or whitening your teeth – do it a couple days in advance of your session, especially if you’ve never gotten that specific treatment done before. Red, itchy, irritated skin does not translate well on camera. Trust us. Also, teeth whitening and tanning should probably done around the same time as well.

Speaking of tanning, it’s always best to avoid getting major tan lines before your session. If you are wanting that sun-kissed look, we definitely recommend a “base” tanning bed or a LIGHT spray tan. Sunburned or cheeto-colored skin probably isn’t the look you’re wanting to go for. Unless you’re into that. We don’t judge. If you decide to get a spray tan, do it at least two days in advance to avoid color transfer onto your lingerie or the bed sheets used during the photo shoot.

Consider Schedule yourself a mani – pedi or do an at home version to make sure your nails and toes are ready for their close up. Most clients are so focused on the hair, makeup and lingerie that they forget about their nails. Your hands and feet appear in most of the images, so it’s a good idea to make sure they are looking pretty and polished. Even if you don’t want faux nails or color, a nice natural light pink will help your nails look healthy and add a little extra sheen. Also, it’s always fun to Treat Yo-Self.

Try on all your outfits and matching accessories, make sure you’re happy with everything. Put on heels with your outfits for the full effect. If you love everything, cut ALL of the tags out. We cannot tell you how many times a tag gets in the way of a perfect image and has to be photoshopped out.

The Night Before

Pack everything you’re going to bring with you. Packing the night before helps to ease your mind and also gives you time to make sure you didn’t forget anything. 

Take a bubble bath with candles. Obviously this is optional, but what we mean is – get in the right mindset. Treat yourself, love yourself, relax and enjoy this. This is supposed to be fun. Don’t forget that.

And finally, get a good night’s rest. You want to come to your session feeling refreshed and relaxed.

The Day of

Eat breakfast. Momma always said it’s the most important meal of the day, and she was right! Breakfast will kick start your metabolism and help you prep for the day. Drink water, eat right, and go get yourself some coffee.

Bring photos to your hair and makeup appointment of the look you’re going for. Let them know that it is for a photo shoot so the makeup needs to be a bit heavier than normal. If you look in the mirror and want something to be different, be up-front and let them know. We promise, you’re not hurting their feelings. Have fun! Whether you’re doing this for yourself, or for your significant other, the most important thing to remember is to have fun with it. If you’re having fun it will make the experience that much better. Also keep in mind that doing a boudoir photo shoot is an investment. The time and energy (and money) it takes to put together a successful boudoir session will all pay off in the end when you see your images. That’s our promise. We want each and every client to have an unforgettable experience with us from beginning to end.

Do Wear Loose Fitting Comfy Clothes to the Boudoir Studio

Skip the bra, skip the socks, skip the watch, and forget that belt, those tight jeans, and anything else which could leave an impression in your skin. It may seem like a small thing, but these lines can dampen the look of a great negligé. Besides, you want to relax and feel confident, and tight clothes are only going to restrict you.

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