Boudoir FAQ

YES! Boudoir is for everyone. 

I’m not young or skinny, is this even right for me?

Wild Beauty Boudoir is for every woman, young, mature, patient, plus size
Wild Beauty Boudoir is for every woman, young, mature, patient, plus size
Wild Beauty Boudoir is for every woman, young, mature, patient, plus size

ABSOLUTELY!!!! I photograph all shapes, sizes, age and ethnicity. I welcome you with open arms and we’ll do everything to make you comfortable and give you beautiful images that you’ll cherish for a lifetime.  

I’m not my ideal weight. Can you still get great shots like the ones that are on your website?

Yes! We all have parts of our bodies that we prefer over others. I use a variety of poses and lighting techniques to make my clients look their best. We are able to highlight your favorite areas and minimize those you like the least. With retouching, I can remove or soften wrinkles, cellulite, stretch marks, and blemishes. All women are beautiful, and I am skilled in showing that.

Show me what you think is sexy 

Please print out, create a board on Pinterest or save a few pictures on your cell phone that you like of mine that will help me gauge what direction to take your photos.  Any kind of inspiration photos you find whether it is for hair/mu or poses are always helpful and you can bring them. I only really need to see no more then 10.


Where do you shoot and where were all of your pictures taken?  Most often I shoot in my home studio in Colorado Springs, Colorado but I do also shoot outdoor boudoir portraits.  If you would like to shoot in your home there will be a travel fee depending on location.

What do I bring to the shoot?

You will be asked to bring a few specific pieces based on what we discuss in your video consultation.  

It’s better if you bring too much clothing and accessories than not enough.

You should wear something that makes you feel SEXY! You should bring your favorite pieces of lingerie along with accessories and don’t forget the high heels! Many women use their shoot as an opportunity to splurge on a few new items. If this is a gift for your sweetheart, think of outfits that they will like to see on you but make sure it is something that will still make you feel confident.  Always mix up your outfit types, go for a sexy mix of lingerie looks; corsets, baby doll, body suits. Do not bring all bra and panty sets for instance. Bring special items (like a favorite shirt of his or jersey) and any other options you might like. Other outfits can also work well, such as a sports jersey, bridal veil, sheer sexy shirt, etc.  It looks better to have a variety if outfits if possible. If you are bringing stockings please try to buy the ones without silicone/rubber at the top then you it will squeeze your leg less when you are wearing a garter belt. If you are not wearing a garter belt go ahead an buy the ones that stay up on their own.



Do you have props for the pinup shoots?  I do have some, you are more then welcome to bring some if you like.  I like to focus more on you, so think about things that will draw attention to you like jewelry, or “his” favorite things! I do have a bed, sofas, chairs, luggage, rugs….in the studio.

Want specialty props that may pertain to a theme you are going with, Wild Beauty does have access to the entire prop inventory. Please let me know if there is something special you are interested in using.

Do I have to have my hair and makeup professionally done?

Having your hair and makeup done by a professional is important to a successful boudoir shoot, just like it is for models on magazine fashion shoots. You can have it done by one of my stylists or by your stylist before arriving at the studio. If your hair and makeup is professionally done by your own stylist, we give a $60 credit toward any images you purchase (bring your receipt if you have it done by an outside professional).

How do I know I’ll love the hair and makeup?

Good question, our hair and makeup process is very much interactive…. that way there are no surprises and you’ll love the outcome. It’s a discussion between you and the hair/ makeup artist.

Having your hair and makeup professionally done is critical for best. results. Either purchase services from the studio or have it done by your own artists before you arrive.

Do I need to get my nails done for the shoot?

Professional mani/pedi always looks best; but we are totally fine with clean neutral nails for both hands and feet.  

How long do the sessions last?

The average shoot lasts about 3-4 hours and that includes getting ready, it all depends on which package is purchased. That includes prep and shooting.

How many pictures do you take? 

The average shoot is 250-350 shots snapped.

Will you help with posing?

Absolutely! I love this part, I have so many poses for different body shapes and sizes. Some subtle and some totally sexy. You’ll become so comfortable that you’ll be adding your own body language that will make each photo unique to your personality. 

Most of my clients have never done this type of shoot before so I understand it can be nerve racking.

I don’t know what I would do with my expression?

I’ll work with you on that, too. Great poses are not complete unless your face depicts sensuality. You will be directed throughout the whole shoot to get the perfect expression to complete each pose.

Will my images be used on the Internet?

Your photos are kept safe and private. I never display pictures of my clients on my website, blog, in print or in the studio without written permission to do so.

Will there be any men present during my shoot?

NO! I have a friendly and professional all female team.

Can I bring a friend to the shoot?

Yes, you can, only 1 person can come with you to the photoshoot. We do ask that they sit quietly and not disrupt the flow of the shoot. Boudoir is a very intimate experience and your expression will never be what it needs to be because you’ll feel self conscious about being “watched”.

You must let me know in advance if you are bringing someone. No cell phone photos are allowed


I prefer you not drink during our session, alcohol can cause some people to turn red or show in their eyes.


I always have music playing for you, typically I am playing Iheart radio on a station that reflects your musical preferences.

How far in advance should I schedule my session?

The more time in advance the better! If your photos will be used as a gift for a special occasion, I recommend that you schedule your session at least 8 weeks before the gift is needed.  Sessions can be booked up to 6 months in advance.  If a last minute date is needed, I will do my best to accommodate. You will be able to see your fully edited images approximately one week after your session at our private reveal and wording session.  This is when you will get to decide which photos you will be ordering.


What does the cost of your packages cover?  Two to two and a half hours of shoot time, access to the “Wild Beauty wardrobe closet and jewelry box, professional hair & makeup,  modeling instruction, studio cost and snacks.

Reveal and ordering appointment 

At your reveal session I’ll show you all your gorgeous images and you’ll decide on what products you’d like to order. You are not required to buy any products. All products are offered at an additional fee and are not included in the cost of your portrait session. All of my products are available for viewing in our photo studio. While I offer payment plans, all of my products must be paid in full before they’re ordered. If you are on a deadline, please be aware once you’ve paid it takes about 2-3 weeks to receive your products. Please make us aware of any deadline we need to meet!

What type of editing do the images include?

All images that you purchase are edited. Additional edits and images are available by request for an additional fee.  Extensive editing may be subject to an additional fee.

Do you retouch the photos?

Yes. Every photo that you receive has been extensively retouched. I lighten the appearance of cellulite, stretch marks, wrinkles; I smooth skin tones. I remove acne and blemishes in addition to bruises and other random marks. Upon request we will do body contouring.

How are payments accepted?

Payments can be made using debit, credit card.

Payment can be made at the time of contract and when products are purchased.


 I require a 50% NONREFUNDABLE (NO REFUNDS) deposit immediately when you book, because I am holding a date and time specifically for you. You are allowed to reschedule only once for free no less than 2 weeks prior to your appointment.  Your deposit does go towards the shoot. You have 3 months to reschedule a new date or the deposit is lost. If you do not show up your deposit is lost.  If you show up more then 45 minutes late your shoot will be cancelled. If you are running late because of traffic please have the courtesy to call us. The balance is due the day of the shoot.

Product Orders

Your order must be paid in full prior to ordering for our professional lab. A 50% down payment should be made upon initial order and the balance can be paid in installments prior to submitting your order to the lab. Your initial deposit is not refundable. All other installment payments are non refundable if you do not complete your order within 3 months.

COME AND HAVE FUNthe shoot is not meant to be stressful. I want you to come and relax and just be yourself it will show in the pictures if you are having fun and being you! Remember men don’t analyze the pictures like we would. They look at them and love them!

Please feel free to call, text or email me with any questions 719.459.1457

Patty Miller Fine Art Photographer at Wild Beauty Photo in Colorado Springs

Meet Patty

As a photographer, portraiture feeds my soul and makes my heart sing. Showing someone their beauty is a life changing experience. Seeing how my work impacts my clients just never gets old.

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