Theme Sessions

I love theme sessions, they allow for so much creativity.

Do you have an idea in mind? Let’s make it a reality

Fine Art museum quality painterly portraits created in the Wild Beauty Photo Portrait studio

Painterly Portraits

These sessions are very special. We start with vintage clothing, intricate lighting and I finish with a special editing and printing process. In the end you have a fine art portrait that looks like it’s straight out of a museum. This is something you will hand down for generations.

Creative fine art theme photo shoots by Patty Miller photographer at Wild Beauty Photo studio in Colorado Springs

Specialty Themes´╗┐

The only thing that limits us is our imagination. This session was inspired by a vintage postcard. The location, costume and editing brought the vision to life.

Specialty mixed media art created by Patty Miller Photographer at the Wild Beauty Photo fine art photography studio in Colorado Springs

Mixed Media

Portraits can be combined with words to evoke emotion or convey a message. Don’t feel bound to any standard definition of the word portrait.

Patty Miller Fine Art Photographer at Wild Beauty Photo in Colorado Springs

Meet Patty

As a photographer, portraiture feeds my soul and makes my heart sing. Showing someone their beauty is a life changing experience. Seeing how my work impacts my clients just never gets old.

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