The Warrior Within Project

Please call me if you are interested in participating (719) 459-1457


The “Warrior Within’ project is a curated collection of images and video interviews that pull back the curtain and introduce the public to the hero’s in plain sight. These are soldiers, firefighters, nurses, doctors and other first responders that will save or defend your life without hesitation.

My goal is to convey why these hero’s serve. I want the public to understand the cost of their service for them and their families.

You never know if the person standing next to you in the grocery store has just pulled a child from a car wreck, attended a suicide or rescued a domestic’s abuse victim. I want to remind people that these kinds of heroes are all around them. They are in the car next to us on the highway, they are the parent of our child’s friend, and our neighbors. They are the backbone of our community.

Let me show you who they are, let them tell you their story.

My goal is for this collection of images and interviews to someday be a gallery show and  book.

Who can participate?

Active or retired first responders, this includes ALL aspects of medical, police, fire, ambulance, dispatch…. YOU ALL have a story to tell.

If you’re interested in participating in the Warrior Within project, first, thank you for your service and sacrifice.

I appreciate that you would allow me to help you tell your story.

To participate you must be willing to sign a model release.

What is the Warrior Within Portrait session experience?

In our video consultation we will design your portrait session. Usually we start with a portrait in your work gear. For your safety I can blur any identifying information on your uniform, just ask. Your safety is my primary concern. If you are retired and don’t fit in your uniform, no worries. We will photograph you in some simple street clothes. We will then get you all dressed up, hair and makeup for the ladies and photograph you in a more glamours fashion. The idea is to show the contrast between your work and everyday self.  I want people to understand what a hero looks like on the job and off. Typically we shoot 2 looks in addition to your work gear.

When we are all done with the portrait portion of your session we do a video interview. The interview consists of a series of questions as a starting point, but we will also explore your personal journey.

Whats in it for you?

To thank you for your participation in this project you will receive 2 printed images from your portrait session and their corresponding digital files. ($350 value)

You will schedule a return visit to the studio where you will see your images. It is at this time you will choose the images you want to take home. You will receive 2 images and their corresponding digital files.

You may purchase additional images if you wish, but you are not required to purchase anything.

What will Wild Beauty Photo do with my images?

Your images and interview may appear in my blog, social media or advertising.

Down the road your printed images may be displayed in an art show and may eventually make it into a book.

I understand the sacrifice that you and your family are making so that you can fulfill your desire to serve your community. I am grateful for your service and I would like help the rest of our community gain a better understand of the cost of service.

Thank you!

If you are interested in participating please complete a contact form call or email me. (719) 459-1457    or


Elizabeth Pharmacy Tech Denver Colorado  Elizabeth Glam image

Jason Warrior Within   

Monica xray tech  

Military Photography   Dale Readus Participant in the Warrior Within project

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