Meet Patty

As a photographer, portraiture feeds my soul and makes my heart sing. Showing someone their beauty can be a life changing experience for both the photographer and the client.

Seeing the impact my work has on my clients just never gets old.

Patty Miller Fine Art Photographer at Wild Beauty Photo portrait studio in Colorado Springs

As a business owner I am passionate about helping others put their business best foot forward. I photograph business owners and their products. Seeing a business gain footage in the market in part by the work I have done gives me great joy.

I invite you to visit me in the studio for a portrait session. I promise that together we will create beautiful images that you will always treasure.

On a personal level, I’m a devoted wife, mother, grandmother and friend. I love Colorado and spend as much time as I can enjoying the beauty it has to offer. Our family is BIG into 4 wheeling, you will see lots of our adventures if you follow me on Facebook and Instagram. Believe it or not, I am also kind of a badass….I know looking at this grandma you would never expect it but I’m into combative and firearms training. You definitely want me in your tribe if theres a zombi apocalypse

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