Warrior Within – Elizabeth Burfitt

I started the “Warrior Within” project was to pull back the curtain and show the public the courage and sacrifice that it takes to be a first responder. I want people to remember that you never know if the person next to you at the grocery store has just gone out to a child abuse call, attended a death or pulled a 4 year old out of a car crash. There are hero’s all around us, we just need to open our eyes and see them. Thank you to all the first responders and their families for their service and sacrifice.

Please meet Elizabeth. Elizabeth chose the heathcare field to help people. As a pharmacy technician Elizebeth and her department play an integral roll in the healthcare system. Hospital workers on the front line see lots of scary things every day. As Elizabeth says “just be kind” .

“I really enjoy what I do, getting life saving medication to people especially in this time is huge!”

“When covid was first announced it was pretty scary because we didn’t know how it would react. We weren’t really prepared for such an increase in the volume of patients and just the steps we had to take to be prepared.”  “Things started to go on shortage”” It go to the point where we didn’t have enough PPE” “I think my company did pretty good at identifying sick people right away. I think we were a leader in our field. Everyone was coming together to figure out what was the best thing to do.

“I was ok, I was at moments scared because I didn’t know if I was walking into a cloud of virus because at first they said it was airborne. But I was like, I still got to do my job. I still have to get through this.”

“ I could see it in the nurses eyes that they were scared, and they were really scared to take it home to their families. I was scared too for that, I didn’t want to give it to anyone else too. I didn’t want to do anyone else harm.”

“Now it feels like we have a plan, before everything was up in the air. We’re coming together, we know what we’re doing. We know how to handle thing better. Patients are no longer so scared to come into the hospital” “We don’t want them to be afraid to come to the hospital”

“The community came to gather. We had so much support. People were bringing food, 

there were signs all over the building. Like Super Hero’s Work Here, We Love You. It was really touching. Just to see everyone come together. Ive never seen that before.I don’t feel like a superhero, but I’m glad they see me that way.”

“Just be kind, because there are so many people going through a struggle. Either they’re working the front line and they are scared or  someone they love got sick. Just be kind, It’s so hard to know who’s struggling because people don’t wear a sign that says hey I need help.”

“If you see someone struggling ask if they need help. A lot of people on the front lines see a lot of things every day that are scary.

“Our country was really scared, one half was just trying to survive and the other half that seems like they don’t care how the other half lives”

“We will get through this, we just have to figure out a way to come together and stop fighting”

“We have to figure out how to overcome this without tearing ourselves apart”

Thank you Elizabeth for trusting me to tell your story.

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