The Warrior Within TSGT. Readus

“The Warrior Within”


The warrior spirit is something that can’t be denied. 

Once a warrior always a warrior.

The warrior heals or defends without hesitation. They serve because it’s who they are, they are driven to make a difference in the world. These hero’s live among us, unseen, unnoticed by most. They are invisible in plain sight. I hope their stories inspire you to look around and see them. They stand next to you in the grocery store, they are at the next gas pump, they are the coaches and teacher, it’s time to start appreciating what they sacrificed for US!

Please meet TSGT. Readus

Inspired to serve by the examples in his family, Dale served 20 years.

“I think a lot of people have forgotten the sacrifices that we make. We go and do what we are told without thinking twice. When you go to the front lines and see some of the things you see, it comes home with you. You are not the same person, you come back different. I wish people could understand that.”

“People don’t know about the 22, we loose 22 veterans to suicide every day”

“If we could just do a little bit more for those that return. I think more programs to help soldier right away when they come back would be awesome.”

“The hardest thing to do is learning how to cope with each and everyday. Picking them up, putting them in a bag and getting them home to their loved ones as quick as possible. And while you’re doing that it runs through your mind, this could be you. You don’t know every time you go outside the wire if you’re coming back.”

“I’m always glad I served.”

“I’m always honored to serve my country”

“America’s a great place, I’m glad to be an American.

The full interview is worth watching. Please know that warriors like this live in your neighborhood , shop at your store, coach your kids. “America is a great place” because people like TSGT. Readus are willing to stand in the gap for us.

The first photograph was taken as TSGT. Readus discussed his worst day of service.

The second is Dale Readus entrepreneur, business man, kind soul.

Dale looks forward to retiring, finding a little peace and enjoying some quiet time fishing.

Thank you Sir for your service.

Want to participate? Call me (719) 459-1457

If you would like to participate in this project call me (719) 459-1457

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